Take a Deep Breath. It’s Spring.

The view outside my office window in Stockholm yesterday:

How to Get Past the Twitter Ban

Here’s some useful information about how to get back on Twitter, which has just been banned in Turkey.

Option Three: To Hell In A Handbasket

PM Erdogan is ripping apart the fabric of society and fanning the blood-lust that has so many times dragged Turkey down the path of sectarian violence.

Right or Left?

Pedestrians today still pass on the left.

Speaking in London

I’ll be giving a talk in London at the House of Commons on February 4, 7:30 pm, in case you’re in town. Here’s the link.

Back in Stockholm

Rats in the Corn Silo

Erdogan has made accusations that a cabal within the state (a new ‘deep state’) is trying to bring down his government in a coup attempt. Foreign powers are behind this. AKP’s criticism of prosecutors and police in the corruption case and PM Erdogan’s accusations that a foreign-led coup-cabal has nested itself inside state institutions has given the Turkish military an opening to ask that the convictions against hundreds of its officers be examined.. The a la Turka twist is that this path appears to have been paved by the AKP which now finds itself in need of a powerful protector.

Turkey at a Tipping Point

If you happen to be in Sweden, I’m giving a talk at Stockholm University on Monday at 1pm, “Turkey at a Tipping Point”. Click here for details.    

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stockholm Botanical Gardens 2 pm in November