Viva Gezi

That night, in an atmosphere of barely suppressed excitement and tension, a drop-dead fascinating free-for-all examining all aspects of the Gezi protests from humor to history to culture to party politics…

More at Stake Than Gezi’s Sycamores

Here is a quick and dirty list of the ‘projects’ being carried out in frenzied haste without oversight, without consultation, and without scientific impact assessments, most in Istanbul, and their impact (other projects nationally could be added to the list):

Erdogan’s Masculine Impenetrability

For those of you who have read my book, this article will come as an “Aha!” confirmation of my discussion of how the national image is founded upon a militant masculinity and fears about penetration by outsiders that, I argued, are mirror images of widely accepted relations within the conservative, patriarchal, authoritarian family. Nation, state and family thus continually reinforce one another.

Embodying Protest: Turkey’s Standing Man

The “duran adam” or standing person is Turkey’s latest form of civil “disobedience”. Last night at 6 pm a man came to stand silently without moving in Taksim Square, staring at the flag of Turkey draped over the Ataturk Cultural Center.

The Gezi? Delegation

Today at 4pm, PM Erdogan is scheduled to meet a delegation of artists, students and academics that purports to represent the Gezi Park protesters. The meeting will take place at AKP Headquarters.

Malling Turkey’s Heritage II

Adding to the long list of architectural and ecological insults to Turkey’s cities and natural areas, we can add one of the last green areas in central Istanbul, a park in Taksim that the government is intent upon tearing down, tree by tree, and replacing with yet another trashy mall built in some cartoonish faux version of a historic building. (


Ortaköy square is still as alive as ever, full of cafes and strolling couples and old people and kids, men hawking trinkets and grandmothers selling cheap bracelets — all kinds of people. A young girl strolling with her boyfriend wore a cool black hoodie as a headscarf.

End of Empire: The New Ottoman Archive

[T]he new Ottoman archive … has just opened its doors in Istanbul’s Kağıthane neighborhood on April 22. The most important [news] is that the documents have not made their way to the new building and the staff is unsure of when they will arrive.

Time For An Afternoon Map

I found this image of a 19th century Istanbul tram ticket decorated with a map of the routes on a wonderfully intriguing site exploring eclectic Turkish and Ottoman maps, Afternoon Map. It’s a site that I love to peruse and have just added to my blogroll. Afternoon Map gives the provenance of each map and discusses […]

Malling Turkey’s Heritage

I just heard that the venerable Inci Pastanesi, the bakery and cafe that opened by Luka Zigoris in 1944 and was a destination for generations seeking Turkey’s best profiterole, has been evicted from its premises on Istiklal Boulevard. They had fought the eviction in court and lost, but before the court decision even reached them, […]