The Poor and The Disconnected

Turkey’s Development Ministry issued a new report on the distribution of poverty across Turkey. 16% of population is poor, defined as a 4-member family living under $2125 a month.

Hizmet versus AKP: Everything You Want To Know

I highly recommend Reuben Silverman’s blog (here) for an incredibly detailed account of the issues and events surrounding the corruption investigations and their larger context — the history of Hizmet versus AKP jostling.

Erdogan to Step Down as PM. And Then?

The AKP’s executive board, in a meeting chaired by PM Erdogan, has decided not to extend the term limit for prime minister from three to four terms. This means that Erdogan will likely run for president in August.

Local Elections 2014 Roundup

Overall AKP 46% – CHP 28% (with 80% of the vote counted).

Dog Fight

Many familiar tropes, phrases, and accusations that I’m sure many people had hoped that Turkey had left in the past. It’s a haunting — nasty ghosts of regimes and eras past rising to scare the willies out of the present.

Turkish Hizbullah Is Back In New Sheep’s Clothing

Turkish Hizbullah is back — in a new guise as a political party, Huda-Par. Hizbullah (not related to Lebanon’s Hezbullah) has been around for a few decades, wreaking havoc of one kind or another.

It’s Out!

Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks is out in Turkish translation, Müslüman Milliyetçiliği ve Yeni Türkler

Safak Pavey’s Historic Speech

Last week Safak Pavey, MP for CHP, gave a speech in the Grand National Assembly on the occasion of the very first inclusion in parliament of four women wearing headscarves. Her speech captured the historical moment in all of its ambiguities and anguish.

The Snitch State

AKP has always claimed to run a ‘law and order’ state, but seems to have dropped orderly law for order based on opinion, rather than rights.

The Rock n’ Roll Imam

Ahmet Muzin Tuzer, the 42-year-old imam of the small village of Pinarbasi on the Mediterranean, ministers to his flock of about fifteen families, and then plays in a rock’n’roll band, FiRock, which he says is “a bit like Pink Floyd”.  They play Sufi-inspired sacred songs as well as genre-jumping originals. The Diyanet has launched an […]