Turkey’s Face of Courage

One of Turkey’s most courageous and remarkable people, Member of Parliament Safak Pavey speaks in this video about her accident and her life, as well as her observations about life for the disabled in Turkey and elsewhere.

Safak Pavey’s Historic Speech

Last week Safak Pavey, MP for CHP, gave a speech in the Grand National Assembly on the occasion of the very first inclusion in parliament of four women wearing headscarves. Her speech captured the historical moment in all of its ambiguities and anguish.

Bridge Under the Bosphorus

It takes only four minutes from Europe to Asia in the new high speed Marmaray train that runs under the Bosphorus Strait.

Innovation in Power Supply: The Power Ship

I thought this was very innovative and worth noting: a floating electricity-generating power plant, a “power ship” that can be parked by any shore and used to generate part of that country’s electricity needs. There is currently a Turkish “power ship”, the Fatmagül Sultan, parked off Beirut that is producing 188 MW of electricity daily, the […]

Adnan Oktar’s Anti-Evolution Showgirls

The sleazy Versace clad Turkish “Islamic” cult leader Adnan Oktar has built a fat-wallet franchise around selling creationism to the idle rich sons and daughters of the urban Turkish elite. I’ve interviewed him and written about him here on this blog. He was in prison for blackmailing female followers with films of them having sex […]

Turkish Government Versus Academics

A post by Salman Hameed on his excellent blog Irtiqa about science and religion, particularly in the Muslim world: There are a lot of things that are overall going well in Turkey. The economy is overall good (see this earlier post: Pew Survey – Turkey’s positive economic outlook) and scientific publications in Turkey have been steadily increasing […]

Turkish Educational System Imports Christian Doctrine in Guise of Creationism

I’ve discussed the introduction of American Bible-belt style creationism to Turkey on this blog before (see the entries under ‘Science’). The Muslim version doesn’t accept that humans descended from primates, but otherwise leaves the science intact. (click here) The fundamentalist Christian version, on the other hand, is based on a reading of the Bible and claims […]

Turkish Youth Ignorant, Inward-Looking

Turkey might have a young population, but the country’s youth are largely insular and ignorant, posing problems if the nation wants to run a globally competitive, knowledge-based economy, leading sociologist Nilüfer Narlı says. Internet penetration is low, while many young people don’t know a second language, she says. (click here for more)

Artistic Terrorism, Scientific Terrorism, Operational Accidents

On December 29, 2011, warplanes struck and killed thirty-five Turkish, many of them high school students and all of them civilians. The attack was based on drone-generated intelligence showing a group of people advancing along Turkey’s southeastern border with Iraq. The young men were smuggling products across the border. (click here for full text of an […]

More Scientific Publications

Salman Hameed writes on his blog Irtiqa that some Muslim countries are showing an increase in scientific publications. (Hameed blogs about the interrelation of science and religion, particularly in the Muslim world.) This week’s Nature has a nice map of top 40 countries in terms of the number of scientific publications. Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Malaysia […]