Local Elections 2014 Roundup

Overall AKP 46% – CHP 28% (with 80% of the vote counted).

What Ban?

Rumor is (based on vehement pre-emptive denials by the people involved) that videos will soon be leaked that show PM Erdogan asking whether it is permissible in Islam for him to order the killing of a politician.

How to Get Past the Twitter Ban

Here’s some useful information about how to get back on Twitter, which has just been banned in Turkey.

Option Three: To Hell In A Handbasket

PM Erdogan is ripping apart the fabric of society and fanning the blood-lust that has so many times dragged Turkey down the path of sectarian violence.

The Berlusconi Paradigm

On Wednesday, the Turkish parliament with a show of hands approved another blatantly anti-democratic piece of legislation. It authorizes the Director of Telecommunications (TIB) to block websites at will with no judicial oversight.

Rats in the Corn Silo

Erdogan has made accusations that a cabal within the state (a new ‘deep state’) is trying to bring down his government in a coup attempt. Foreign powers are behind this. AKP’s criticism of prosecutors and police in the corruption case and PM Erdogan’s accusations that a foreign-led coup-cabal has nested itself inside state institutions has given the Turkish military an opening to ask that the convictions against hundreds of its officers be examined.. The a la Turka twist is that this path appears to have been paved by the AKP which now finds itself in need of a powerful protector.

Dog Fight

Many familiar tropes, phrases, and accusations that I’m sure many people had hoped that Turkey had left in the past. It’s a haunting — nasty ghosts of regimes and eras past rising to scare the willies out of the present.

Ruled Not By Law, But Judicial Whim

A 12- or 14-year old girl cannot by law be “willing” to engage in sex. Her appearance and personality are irrelevant. When will the old “she asked for it” excuse be kicked out of court as mitigation for what is a violent crime against the body of a child? A law and order state bases order on law. It doesn’t base its law on the whims of communal prejudice.

Plugged In, Timed Out

The Wall Street Journal writes that Turkey has lots of potential, but has failed to turn this into a reality.

It’s Out!

Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks is out in Turkish translation, Müslüman Milliyetçiliği ve Yeni Türkler