The New Turkey. What is it?

The New Turkey. What is it?

Institutions to Prevent Child Labor aren’t Working.

Institutions to precent child labor in Turkey aren’t working according to recent statistics.

Women’s Labor Participation in Turkey: Update

Recent indicators for Turkish women’s lives, including labor force participation, literacy rates, marriage age, income disparity, household labor, violence, political participation.

Turkey: The Long View

A brilliant talk.

Neoliberal Wars and Violent Gentrification

Violent gentrification and neoliberal wars: Expelling the Kurds from Diyarbakir’s Old City Sur, destroying the buildings, then expropriating and gentrifying. Is Turkish-Kurdish war a screen for sanitized urban renewal?

Lines of Fire

The real question is not who will win, but whether a civil war can be averted between the lines of fire now being laid down, between Kurds and Turks, Alevis and Sunnis, and ISIS-inspired Turks and the rest of Turkish society.

The Turkish Complex: Bigman, Hero, Traitor (The Video)

I was struck by a number of similarities [between Turkey in the 1970s and] present-day Turkey and wonder whether there are certain key culturally powerful concepts around which Turkish society and polity orient themselves — and that help to shape them — in every era, regardless of the current ideological labels.

The Disconnect Between Education and the Economy

The most recent official unemployment statistics for October 2014 have been released by Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK): official unemployment rate is 10.6 percent, non-agricultural unemployment rate 12.7 percent. Nearly one fourth of the officially unemployed are college graduates, more than half (54%) of them women.

What is Huda-Par?

Armed fighting has broken out again in southeast Turkey between the Kurdish PKK and Huda-Par, resulting in two deaths. Given that the AKP government is supposed to be negotiating peace with the PKK, we may well ask who or what is Huda-Par, which appears to be a far-right Islamist organization, one of many armed factions of various stripes that make up the Turkish fringe. But they’re more than that and evidence of another dangerous game being played blind in Ankara.

Analysis and Summary: Turkey at a Tipping Point

The December 2014 edition of Current History has a collection of articles on the Middle East by prominent scholars that give excellent analyses and updates for different countries in the region. Here’s my take on Turkey.