Orgy of Arrests Continues. State Institutions Battle Each Other.

The orgy of arrests continues with over a hundred new people hauled in across the country, accused of being active in the Kurdish Communities Union, which lawmakers believe is the civil/urban wing of the armed Kurdish separatist group PKK, and of giving armed or logistical support to the PKK. Rounded up this time were predominantly […]

Hrant Dink Killers Sentenced. Larger Plot Discounted.

This post has been updated TWICE. It is satisfying that after five years of courtroom anguish (click here) after the assassination of the Armenian Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, that his killer, Ogun Samast, be given 23 years in prison and the man who instigated the youth to pull the trigger, Yasin Hayal, be given a life […]

The New Deep State?

Excerpts from a Foreign Policy article by Justin Vela. Click here for the full article. …In the past two years, thousands of citizens who have voiced criticism of the government have been detained, usually led away by police in predawn raids on their homes. On Jan. 5, one of the country’s most high-profile detainees, investigative […]

Former Armed Forces Chief Başbuğ Imprisoned

Today, on January 5th, retired former chief of General Staff General Ilker Başbuğ was called to testify as a suspect in a probe into propaganda websites that were allegedly set up by the military to undermine the AKP government. He faces preliminary charges of “gang leadership” and seeking to unseat the government by force. He has […]

Turkey’s Glow Dims

Some take-away quotes from a hard-hitting New York Times article about the AKP’s intensifying crackdown on free speech. For the full article, click here. After Mr. Erdogan swept to power in 2002, human rights activists initially lauded him for expanding free speech. But after an unsuccessful attempt by the secular opposition to ban Mr. Erdogan’s […]

1980 Redux

The two surviving members of the five-man junta that carried out the 1980 military coup, Kenan Evren (94), then Chief of General Staff and later president until 1989, and Tahsin Şahinkaya (86), then air forces commander, have been indicted for crimes against the state: “intentionally attempting to force Turkish Parliament to annul itself or stop […]

More Generals Called To Court, Possibly Arrested

An Istanbul court on Monday issued an order for seven active generals, including the former Aegean Army commander, and admirals to be brought to court in connection with an alleged plot to topple the government. The suspects included Gen. Nusret Taşdeler, the former head of the Aegean forces who was appointed as head of the […]

The Generals Quit

This post has been updated three times. Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Işık Koşaner requested his retirement Friday afternoon, along with Turkey’s Land, Sea and Air Force commanders, leaving NATO’s second biggest army temporarily leaderless. This shocking event comes right after a meeting between the military chiefs, PM Erdogan and President Gul. It is not […]

Media Arrests Lead To AKP-Gülen Power Struggle?

Gareth Jenkins writes about the arrests of journalists critical of the Gülen movement as part of a larger power struggle between PM Erdogan and the Gülen movement. He suggests that the Gülenists, through their influence in the security forces and courts, have shut down any critical media voices by accusing them of belonging to a […]

Academics and Scientists Arrested In Ergenekon Probe

The science journal Nature recently published an editorial drawing attention to the scientists being arrested in Turkey as part of the Ergenekon probe into anti-government activities and asked why other academics are not speaking out: Earlier this month, a Turkish court acquitted the sociologist Pinar Selek on terrorism charges — the third time she has […]