Turkish Attitudes Toward Arabs (and everyone else)

SETA has issued a new report (click here for the full report in English) based on a study of Turkish attitudes toward Arabs and others. Pretty negative overall, with results varying somewhat between upper and lower income groups and men and women. Attitude towards Arabs: 39% negative, 34% positive. (Egypt is liked better than Oman; […]

Turks in Istanbul Honor Armenian Victims

Tuesday, 26 April 2011, J. of Turkish Weekly (click here) Hundreds of Turks have rallied in downtown Istanbul to remember the mass killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire nearly a century ago, RFE/RL’s Armenian Service reports. Kneeling on the ground in the city’s central Taksim Square on April 24, they lit candles and held […]

Academic Freedom and The Armenian Issue

Inside Higher Education reported on an unusual case that came before the court that dealt with what a university can say about the Armenian issue (genocide or not) — and what others can say about what that institution said (can one institution call the website of another unreliable?). The case was unusual in that it […]

Turkish-Armenian Offered Government Post

State Minister and Turkey’s chief European Union negotiator Egemen Bağış has announced that the Secretariat-General for EU Affairs (ABGS) has offered Turkish-Armenian Leo Süren Halepli the position of EU specialist. Halepli was notified of the offer on March 1 but has not yet responded with a decision… Although many people of Armenian descent were appointed […]

Sinan’s Head

From Irtiqa blog (click here). Excerpt: Is the body of the famous 16th century Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, headless? Well, at least that is the claim of a professor at Marmara University (tip from Al Biruni. Yup, he is still active). In theory, this should be an easy thing to check since we know where he is buried. […]

Trial of Dink’s Murderers Drags Into Fourth Year. In Fifth, They Will Be Released.

The tragedy of Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink’s assassination has been compounded by years of destruction of evidence and foot-dragging by police and other officials, some of whom appear to be culpable in the crime. (for more information and a timeline, click here, or look under the category ‘Armenians’; I have been following this assassination in […]

And Akdamar Church Has Its Cross

The historic first mass since 1915 was held a couple of weeks ago at the renowned Akdamar Church in Van, an event Armenians from all over the world attended. The church had been in ruins and was recently restored. There was a big controversy over why the cross was not put on top of the […]

Speak Armenian? The Turkish Intelligence Agency Has a Job For You

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News The National Intelligence Organization, or MİT, is looking for new personnel with a command of various languages including Kurdish and Armenian. According to a job advertisement published in various newspapers including daily Hürriyet’s human resources supplement over the weekend and on Monday, the other languages MİT is looking for in […]

Hidden Armenians Claim Legacy and Lost Identities

Click here for the full article. Excerpt: …Following the killings of Armenians in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire, many of those remaining in the area changed their names and assumed identities as Kurdish Muslims. According to Ateşyan, the current process of democratization in Turkey is slowly eliminating the fears that led people to […]

First Armenian Christian Service Held at Akdamar Church Since 1915

I’ve been to Akdamar island and have seen the magnificent church. It is covered on the outside with incredibly detailed and exotic carvings. The building was used as a discotheque in the 1960s and then an army encampment. The latter use probably  saved what remains of the  interior frescoes from further harm. Some other churches […]