Legal Rights of the Disabled

An Istanbul-based association started a new project for mentally and physically disabled people providing them a help line through which they can call for answers to their legal concerns. The Human Rights in Mental Health Initiative, or RUSİHAK, started the project titled “Human rights for mental disorders, too,” which will answer all legal questions from […]

“Why Are You Outside?”

A group of handicapped citizens staged a brief protest at the entrance to the Mecidiyekoy metrobus station the other day. Within five minutes, they were almost crushed by the crowd and subjected to taunts like, “Why are you out on the street anyway?” They asked police to protect them. Police reply: “You did this, why […]

New Bus Routes Ignore Handicapped

Photo from Radikal Despite 2005 laws that require public works projects to be handicapped accessible, many of the stations at Istanbul’s new Metrobus lines are not accessible, even near hospitals, despite warnings during the construction period by groups representing the handicapped. The Social Rights and Research Association (TOHAD) is taking the city to court. (click) […]

One Eye? One Arm? Not Disabled Enough.

A 2006 change in disability regulations has meant that thousands of people formerly considered disabled and entitled to care, benefits or at least a wheelchair on Turkish Airlines, now are no longer considered “sufficiently” disabled. I had heard about this change before when my Turkish friend, who is missing an arm and leg on her […]