Two Good Turkish Movies

Update: I saw Soul Kitchen last night. It was fabulous — joyous, complex, with unique characters you really care about, a great plot, and just a lot of fun. Go see it!

Two Turkish movies have received excellent reviews (click here): Fatih Akin’s “Soul Kitchen” and Reha Erdem’s “Times and Winds” (“Beş Vakit”). After these great reviews, I want to run out and to watch them. Here’s what Joe Morgenstern says about “Soul Kitchen”:

So you could call “Soul Kitchen” a romance with sensational music, or a hymn to friendship with romantic resonances. Whatever you want to call it, the thing is bursting with life.

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  1. Amy saw Soul Kitchen today in NYC! I’m next.

  2. Let us know what you think!

  3. “Soul Kitchen” is indeed bursting with life, and funk. I couldn’t stop dancing in the movie hall -well, with subtle knee movements- during the closing credits.

    Reha Erdem is completely different. I can tell you that his latest movie “Kosmos” is the best movie that has been shot in Turkey for the last two decades. It’s a cinematographic peak. Every single shot is carefully, thoroughly worked. The story freely wanders between fact and fantasy.
    If you would like to follow his filmography, I’d recommend the order, below and keep ‘Kosmos’ to the end.

    – Kac Para Kac -I hope you can access it. If you’re in Istanbul, just give a call to IKSV, I’m sure they can guide you. (It’s not a must to see, though.)
    – Bes Vakit -you already have it-
    – Hayat Var
    and, finally, Kosmos.

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