Transgendered Lives in Istanbul

Nicholas Dynan at Global Post has done a lovely photo essay on a transsexual/transgender brothel in Istanbul that gives a compassionate look at one slice of life there. Prostitution is legal in Turkey, and sex workers receive permits and must regularly renew certificates of health. Transexuals, though, have long been harassed by police. The article says that despite prostitution being legal, the government has ceased issuing new permits for sex workers and brothels, leaving most of the industry illegal and often dangerous. Click here for the article and photo essay.

One jarring note: I find it a bit disturbing that the full name of one of the prostitutes is visible on her identity card as she holds it up. Even if the woman gave her permission to have that photo published, it is ethically questionable to publish it without obscuring her name, since it will likely endanger her. (UPDATE: the photographer asked Global Post to pull that image.)

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