Intolerance of Anyone Different: The Handicapped

A new study of the disabled in Turkey, carried out in collaboration with the Prime Ministry’s Handicapped and Human Rights Directorate, revealed the following:

31 percent of disabled people encounter constant discrimination in their work life.

77 percent of disabled people have difficulty accessing pedestrian areas and public parks.

72 percent of people with disabilities in urban areas and 59 percent in rural areas reported transportation problems.

65 percent reporting being mocked.

42 percent reporting having been mistreated by public servants.

71 percent of Turkey’s disabled are not aware of legislation regarding their disabilities.

The only good news: Recent amendments to the Central Administration Budget Law introduced affirmative action policies to hire public service positions for people with disabilities. The number of disabled public servants was 6,103 in 2002 and 14,330 in 2010. “This year”, State Minister Selma Aliye Kavaf said, “approximately 6,000 new disabled public servants will be appointed.” (click here for news article)

One Response to “Intolerance of Anyone Different: The Handicapped”

  1. This is more indifference and perhaps thoughtlessness and lack of compassion than intolerance. Isn’t intolerance something more like this:
    That guy in the link doesn’t need anything done to accommodate him but people/authorities cannot stand his earring and he ends up suffering for it. If he were disabled, he’d need some extra stuff or facilities to function and people would ignore his needs rather than actively doing nasty stuff to him because he’s disabled.

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