Poverty Increases in Turkey

Photo from Hurriyet

Poverty in Turkey increased in 2009 compared to the previous year, according to a recent report by the Turkish Statistics Institute, or TurkStat. (click here for a news account) The percentage of Turkey’s people living below the poverty line increased to 18.08 percent of society, or 12.75 million people, from 2008’s 17.79 percent. The proportion of people living under the poverty line had been declining gradually since 2003

The daily poverty line is $4.30. The starvation line for a family of four in 2009 was at 287 liras a month and the poverty line at 825 liras a month. The minimum wage in 2011 will be raised to 630 liras a month and in the second half of the year to 655.50 liras.

Poverty rose in rural areas (from 34.62 to 38.69 percent in 2008) and declined in urban areas (9.38 to 8.86 percent).

The likelihood of poverty increased with the number of people in a household. 9.65 percent of families of three or four were living in poverty, but 40.05 percent of families with seven or more members.

The poverty risk for children under 6 who have not yet started primary school stood at 24.04 percent.

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