School Principals Resign: No Money To Run Schools

Commenters on my previous post on creationism in Turkish schools are right in one sense — Turkey’s schools have way bigger problems. This past week 14 principals resigned in Turkey’s eastern province of Diyarbakir because they were not gven enough resources to keep their schools open.

For years, schools have had no resources from the Education Ministry to meet their needs for cleaning, heating and security, [Nusret Taş, Education Personnel Labor Union, or Eğitim Bir-Sen’s, Silvan representative] said. Schools provide those funds from donations by parents, but families in the district are mostly poor, he said.  Fırat Akdeniz, Silvan representative of Education and Science Personnel Union, or Eğitim Sen, also said the problem is not limited to Silvan. “The same problem occurs all over Turkey. (click here)

I documented the same thing in schools in Istanbul’s working-class Umraniye district in the 1980s (in my book Money Makes Us Relatives). The very poor parents were expected to pay the salaries of some of the teachers, heating and cleaning the building, and even the salaries of a tea person for each floor. The people I was with were distraught because they didn’t have enough money to pay for their daughter’s lunches, also an additional expense that had to be paid up front.

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  1. According to a recent report, here (click) is the state of the State of Texas. It may be no surprise, perhaps, given the mindless anti-government mentality of many an American (I am tempted to call it anti-society/anti-community mentality, but I digress).
    As for Turkey, it says in its constitution that it’s a social state, promises free education, etc. Isn’t there a disconnect there?

  2. I am tempted to call it anti-society/anti-community mentality, but I digress.

    Let’s get even: Let me digress too.
    Here‘s a map from the Economist.

  3. If there is such an issue with schools in Turkey, then why doesn’t Turkey welcome back Islamic Imam Fethullah (Mohammed) Gulen of the Gulen Movement?
    As you know Gulen and his followers are operating and managing 122 charter schools in the USA and have taken billions $ in American tax dollars.
    The Gulen Movement (Hizmet) has also opened over 600 Madrassas in Central Asia, Africa, Europe and SE Asia…………..yet there is NO MONEY for school in Turkey yet the Turkish Republic can find the money for schools outside of Turkey?
    Once again, the people of Turkey get screwed.
    The Americans continue to be lied to
    American and Turkish children suffer because of Fethos and his agenda.

  4. Dr. Kaz, if American taxpayers financially support Gulenist charter school, how would it help Gulenist to return? Besides, the cemaat already runs plenty of schools in Turkey.

    I wanted to share a link I came across on a blog that has videos related to the PISA study: Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education

  5. Emre;
    I need to clarify, yes $billions of American tax money is going to the 122 Gulen Managed Charter schools, but much of this money is laundered to Gulen’s Foundations/Insitutes like: Cosmos Foundation, Daisy Educaiton, Accord Institute, Raindrop Turkish House, Pacifica Institute, Rumi Forum, Assembly of turkic American Federations in Washington, Nile Foundation, Mid Atlantic Federation of Turkish American Association, Rosegarding Cultural centr, Peace Valley Foundation, Iris Foundation, Lotus Foundation and the list continues.
    Surely Gulen, who is spreading the wealth within his organization could afford to wash some of that money to Turkey’s schools? Or is the point to drive out non-Gulen schools so a Gulen controlled school can open? Either way, Gulen estimated wealth is $25 billion surely he can afford to help his native Turkey more instead of himself.

  6. Do you honestly want his “help”? You might get what you wish for 😉

  7. Anti-AKP and Anti-Gulenists you guys work hard on the net but succeed nothing:) You guys suck!

  8. Show us the way to unsuck, to succeed something, oh master.

  9. Instead of digging pits, try to build roads. AKP and Gulen movement do things but the haters of AKP and Gulen undo things:) Anti-AKP and anti-Gulen people should show us an alternative other than hate of AKP and of Gulen. Do something! Open schools better than the Gulen movement schools. Establish a political party better than AKP. But I understand destroying a building is easier than building one:)

  10. I do not understand something. Can something be anti-American and pro-American at the same time? So, anti-Gulen people or local haters of Gulen in Turkey blame those schools being under the control of CIA. You, the haters of Gulen in USA, blame the schools as a danger for USA. Isn’t this a contradiction? Why do not you guys, haters of Gulen in USA and haters of Gulen in Turkey act together and find a better reason to convince Turkish and American people to hate Gulen? Haters of the Gulen in the world should unite! 🙂

  11. Brother Mehmet,

    Thank you for your constructive suggestions. Instead of applying my education, I will roll up my sleeves and build roads. Tell me where the road should lead, oh master. I will not even ask you if we need any roads. For the cause, I would travel to the North Pole to build roads out of compressed slush. Just say the word or give me a sign.

    Forgive my insolence, master, but what part did you play in the AKP’s success?

  12. Never mind, keep digging pits:)

  13. Yes, master. Where does our cause need a pit dug, master?

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