Election Postmortem

The meaning of this election will become clear as we see what PM Erdogan does with his mandate. Yigal Schleifer analyzes what the election results mean for each of Turkey’s four main parties (here). His takeaway:

…Collectively, this election – which failed to give the AKP the ability to determine Turkey’s political future on its own terms – represents a potential “growing up” moment for the four parties that made it into parliament. Can they move beyond the political polarization that has increasingly characterized Turkish politics for the last decade and work together on drafting a new constitution and a new political climate that can take Turkey forward? Can the parties envision a shared sense of Turkish national identity that they can all work towards building and strengthening? If Erdogan can preside over and guide such a process, then his position in the pantheon of great Turkish leaders would be truly sealed. On the other hand, if he helps create an atmosphere that brings out the worst in his rivals, his legacy will be tainted.

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  1. Well it’s over and Turkey is evenly and perfectly polarized. No surprise in results and won’t know what it means for another few years.
    Meanwhile reading the moronic post-election comments by CHPs “deadwood” members one has to compliment Kilicdaroglu for having achieved as high a percentage as he did. He clearly got very little help from these useless and failed party members while struggling against a well-oiled election machine of AKP.

    Hard to believe Baykal who could not even deliver his home town, Antalya, is now complaining that the results are 2-3 points below a recent poll (yes, a survey).
    I suggest Baykal get together with those who resigned from MHP and start a STD party (not what you’re thinking) for Screwy Thickheaded Democrats and even include Weiner as an international advisor and give the Turkish government something in the internet world to hack into. What’s wrong with that boy?

  2. Well said.

  3. According to some people, we will know what it means shortly: here (click; Turkish)

  4. Agreed. The old fogeys in the CHP ought to move to the MHP to rejuvenate it 🙂

  5. I think Baykal is so out of it that now, thinking back when Erdogan 3-4 years ago said re Baykal something to the effect “can’t ask for a better opposition,” Baykal probably thought it was a compliment.

    I was thinking that Baykal is the clear winner of the moronic comment of the week. That was until last night when I read Akyol’s “AKP Rocks” column and realized Akyol’s take home message from Ataturk era boils down to “hats.” So hats off to Akyol, he is the new champ.

  6. Hats off to Akyol; champ to you, chump to me!

    Here are some interesting analyses:

    AKP ushering in ‘dominant-party system,’ says expert (Ali Çarkoğlu)
    Election 2011: whither the CHP after the AKP’s biggest victory yet?

  7. Chump fits for the honor I had in mind.

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