Joy To The World

Deniz Hughes took this cheerful photo in New York (see her blog for more great photos).

Photo by Deniz Hughes at Denizblog

And here are “New Year’s” decorations in Ankara. What on earth is Santa doing?

AA Photo from Hurriyet

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  1. Santa is up to no good, anyway: Noel Baba baca ve pencereden giriyor. Ama doğru dürüst birisi olsa kapıdan girerdi.

  2. “What on earth is Santa doing?”
    Holding a flashlight and a magnifying glass to it. To find out what’s wrong with it?..

  3. As we came to expect now, that Muftu is in trouble:
    I didn’t know ‘denigrating Santa’ was against regulations. I thought what he said was very funny and fully in-line with what you’d expect a religious leader would say to keep his congregation from adopting customs associated with other religions. All we need now is someone to declare this ‘hate speech’ and abuse TCK-216.

  4. Bulent, you know, kilavuzu karga olanin burnu boktan kurtulmazmis: Here (click)

  5. Nihat, I looked into it. That ECHR precedent is only about censoring/confiscating that movie and not criminal prosecution (for jail time) of the movie’s producer or the people who wanted to show it. Tsk tsk, BTW, since when do we trust the press here? (Radikal did this it its readers too). Here’s a summary:
    (there’s a better/longer one where an incidental criminal suit is mentioned, but this is the gist)
    The problem is this: if nobody [truly visible] looks into these things, given the already problematic situation with freedom of expression here, people won’t even understand what choice we’re making by criminalizing speech. Perhaps the situation will change in a few years, but right now this is what I can see.
    Here’s something funny if this depressed you: the offending entry is still up.

  6. Come on Bulent, re: the precedent issue (or the issues with the precedent), I’d appeal to another truth that goes: imam osurursa cemaat sicarmis.

  7. Hahaha, I have no argument with that. That particular imam is funding a whole bunch of intellectuals here through the NGO (or whatever) industry. (This is in addition to the other imam who lives where you are). If a libertarian party existed here, perhaps it’d look like a nationalist party. That and the membership would wear funnels for hats.

  8. Goodness gracious, I think Santa in Ankara is doing far more interesting things than in Queens, New York! Thank you Jenny for your support of my blog – sending you all best wishes in the New Year!

  9. If this Mufti wanted to be really funny, he should have criticized Santa for still flying around using the sled and reindeer in this day and age !!
    However, on the serious side, same day Milli Gazete ran a huge headline “Allah’a Itaat edin” (Obey Allah) and seems like the rest of the front page was dedicated to why we should grasp the correct path with Islam and avoid the “disgraceful Christian world” that celebrates Christmas and new years.
    So I’ll take the idiotic Mufti comment any day.

  10. BTW, forget Santa, I think the Spanish have the best Christmas figure with that “pooping elf” statue (I think called caganar).

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