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Salman Hameed writes on his blog Irtiqa that some Muslim countries are showing an increase in scientific publications. (Hameed blogs about the interrelation of science and religion, particularly in the Muslim world.)

This week’s Nature has a nice map of top 40 countries in terms of the number of scientific publications. Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Malaysia are on the list. Iran also shows a 20% increase compared to its 2010 publication record – the largest increase amongst the top 40 countries. These numbers are just for 2011, but Iran, Turkey and Egypt have been showing a consistent increase in their science papers over the past 10 years or so.

Here’s the map:

Image from Nature

One of the commenters on Irtiqa suggested the map would be more useful if the numbers of publications were contextualized with information about numbers of academics/researchers in each country. I’d like to see which research topics are most popular in each country. What subjects have shot up in Iran and Turkey, for instance? It would be interesting to know if change in government support is responsible for a rise or decline in certain research topics. (This is as true in the US as anywhere else.)

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  1. This is all good news. In the last decade global spending on R&D increased nearly 50% to one trillion dollars. It is also good to see that BRIC nations are putting a decent percentage of their GDP into R&D.
    It will take time in the developing countries, but what is more important than the number of publications is the number (or global percentage) of citations per country. That distinction is still led by a handful of countries around the world.
    Another proper assessment of successful R&D would be the number of patent registrations. Korea has made amazing advances in that category.
    And China probably in patent infringements !!!

  2. Now to the point about influence of politics on nations’ science. Two that immediately come to mind on both sides of the ocean are the Bush/Republican’s ridiculous fixation with stem cell research.
    Secondly, a few years ago the editor of a science magazine published by TBTAK was reportedly sacked, and its planned cover feature celebrating Darwin’s anniversary was pulled.

  3. search in the following link by subject

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