Turkey To Show Holocaust Film

This post has been updated. The film has been shown. Here’s a new account.

Turkish public television will show an epic French documentary about the Holocaust, the first broadcast of its kind by national media in a Muslim state… A spokesman for Turkish public television TRT said the 1985 film “Shoah” would be shown on one of the network’s 14 channels…

The director of nine-hour-plus documentary, Claude Lanzmann, called the Turkish move historic. Turkey’s broadcast of the film is the culmination of work by the Aladdin Project, a Paris-based group which tries to improve Jewish-Muslim relations.

The group said in a statement the film would be shown Thursday, the day before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, adding that it had never before been shown in its entirety in a Muslim country. Consisting largely of Holocaust-survivor interviews, the film examines the killing of European Jews in Nazi death camps during the Second World War… (click here)

6 Responses to “Turkey To Show Holocaust Film”

  1. You mean “the first Muslim-majority country to broadcast a Holocaust documentary on national television..” Haven’t countless Holocaust movies been screened in cinemas?

  2. Interesting timing….

  3. I have seen lots of ” Holocaust ” movies and documentaries on tv and cinemas in Turkey before.. Especially before3 the current government.. And I totally agree with Emre about being the ” first Muslim country ” identification..

    I also remember how many American movies I have seen about WW2…


  4. perhaps they meant *this* holocaust film?

  5. That’s the simplest explanation. It sounds like PR talk.

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