Being Gay in the Turkish Military

How do you prove to the Turkish military that you’re gay? Excerpt from the BBC article (click here):

”They asked me when I first had anal intercourse, oral sex, what sort of toys I played with as a child.”

Ahmet, a young man in his 20s, told officials he was gay at the first opportunity after he was called up, as he and other conscripts underwent a health check.

“They asked me if I liked football, whether I wore woman’s clothes or used woman’s perfume,” he says.

”I had a few days’ beard and I am a masculine guy – they told me I didn’t look like a normal gay man.”

He was then asked to provide a picture of himself dressed as a woman.

”I refused this request,” he says. ”But I made them another offer, which they accepted.” Instead he gave them a photograph of himself kissing another man…

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  1. I personally am not homophobic at all. But I would like to hear ; how it is possible to understand being gay or not in a conversation.. ?? I am a Turk and made my military service with U.S army-navy-airforce… ( A Nato Base ) I know their policies about similar incidents :,_don%27t_tell

    I personnally have difficulties about why bringing such a subject on the blog ? :))

    Here is another one and one : πŸ™‚

    As a Turk ; I would also be appreciated to see stories about corruptions etc.. About Turkish Government..
    For a very long time ; the topics of the blog seems to be chosen from only anti-nationalism.. And I find it so unfair.. Again : the topic above is an anti Turkish Army ( which is tolerable Turkish Nationalism )

    Lets all remember : This is the army.. If we start to challenge that than we all must do that for all the armies in the world.. We should also add the religion to this..

    I shall have no more to say from now on.. ( until the blog chooses NEUTRAL subjects..



  2. Maybe We should also ask a question : BEING GAY IN THE COUNTRY instead eh ??? Instead of bringing the Army as a subject πŸ™‚ Being gay for the constutiton ?? πŸ™‚


  3. By the way ;,_don%27t_tell


    Can noncommissioned personel marry officers in U.S Army ? Or even date openly ? πŸ™‚

    This is possible in Turkish Army ..


  4. Oooops :


  5. I find these modern Turkish people who become conservative suddenly when it comes to criticizing Turkish army:)

  6. I dont consider myself as a modern Turkish Person, but please give me your opinions about the links I gave?????????

    Best Regards ,

  7. If not ; Lets stay where you are.. The subject should not be the Turkish Army !! It should be the Turkish constitution.. !!! Tell me about good points about Gay and Lesbian community in Turkey ? So, whats the point about talking the army??? Read the links I gave and be fare… I am not homophobic at all…

    Best Regards,

  8. The military is merely a conspicuous institutional example of the hardships LGBT people are put through, not the exception.

  9. Dear Loyal Defender of the Turkish Armed Forces,
    The only institution in Turkey that asks gays to prove their homosexuality is the Turkish Army you love very much. The only institution in Turkey that sexually harras gays is your love Turkish Army. The only institurion in Turkey that sends gays to jail for being gay is the Turkish Armed Forces.

    The same Turkish armed forces are loved as the most modernized institution in Turkey.

  10. Dear Gay,

    You still did not answer my questions.. You still did NOT read the links I gave…

    So : I rest my case..

    Enjoy it..


  11. Lover of Turkish Army,
    no article in this world legitimizes what your modern (!) homophobic Turkish army does. Turkish army is the only institution in Turkey that sexually assaults gays. Turkish army is the most backward institution in Turkey when it comes to the rights of homosexuals. Lovers of Turkish army do everything to hide that reality.

    Thank you BBC.

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