Ergenekon Is Not Fiction

An answer to those, like the misguided pundit Michael Rubin, who claim Ergenekon is a fiction, can be found in a recent declaration signed by three hundred of Turkey’s top intellectuals (professors, jurists, artists, writers and journalists) urging a full investigation of Ergenekon and its links to the state. I’m familiar with many of these names and they are not, as Rubin would like to believe, pawns — or even supporters– of the AKP. They are independent thinkers across the political spectrum. The declaration urges a clean sweep and calls upon all the institutions, whether civil or military, to show the necessary determination to keep the case alive and deepen it to reveal the rest of the connections. (click for article)

Ergenekon is a hydra-headed crime syndicate similar to the Gladio organizations in Europe, with links to the state and security services. It has existed for many years and, in a 2500-page indictment submitted to the court, has been accused of trying to create chaos in Turkish society through assassinations and other means, in order to create conditions under which the population would welcome a military coup. Ergenekon members who are retired high-level military officers have been accused of plotting several coups over the past few years.

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  1. Let’s see what part of the Turkish press covers this declaration. An investigation like this would have to go back to at least the ’71 coup-by-memorandum and what was then known as Counter-Guerilla. This is no rumour, Ecevit himself both mentioned it at the time and later disclosed how he came to hear about it as the PM. There’s a summary here. As far as the present indictment goes, I don’t think what’s been uncovered resembles what was talked about back then in scope and power. Besides, any investigation that touches the Cold War era would involve the US in some manner and it won’t be politically convenient — given the already high anti-US sentiment — to attempt anything like that. Oh, and, it is not like investigations were not attempted back then. See the fate of this prosecutor for example.

  2. Well, it’s been four days and here’s how much coverage that decleration got:

    I also find this search notable but perhaps I am missing something:

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