Ottoman Music

Ottoman ensemble in a Suleymaniye manuscript

If you haven’t yet discovered the Ottoman History Podcast site, it’s a treasure of  fascinating facts and images on a variety of subjects, compiled and discussed by experts in various fields relating to Ottoman and Turkish life. There are over seventy episodes, with more added regularly.  Click here. Episode 74 is on Ottoman Classical Music with Mehmet Ugur Ekinci.

While the Ottoman Empire was undoubtedly home to rich and diverse musical traditions, the subject of Ottoman music has often evaded historical analysis due to the scant nature of pre-nineteenth century sources on the subject. In this podcast, Mehmet Uğur Ekinci provides a general outline of the history of music during the Ottoman period along with its various waves of transformation and discusses his upcoming publication of Kevserî Mecmûası, an eighteenth century musical treatise that provides a rare glimpse of notation in Ottoman music before the nineteenth century. We also provide a number of recordings of Ottoman music composed during different periods.

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  1. The hosts are always looking for guests. Want to volunteer for an episode?

  2. But I can’t sing!

  3. Neither can most pop stars, and they’re doing just fine. But seriously, the podcast covers all aspects of the Ottoman Empire, not just its music. You could rattle off Kamil pasha episode while/after singing in the shower.

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