Turkish Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction

Horror, fantasy, science fiction! No, we’re not talking about Turkish politics, but about literary genres. High-quality sci-fi, fantasy, and horror books by Turkish authors are flourishing and the writers, editors and publishers are getting organized. In October 2011 they founded FABISAD, the Turkish Association for Artists of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Founding members are  Altay Öktem, Barış Müstecaplıoğlu, Doğu Yücel, Ege Görgün, Erbuğ Kaya, Kenan Yarar, Yıldıray Çınar, Yiğit Değer Bengi.

I’ve met Barış Müstecaplıoğlu, an engaging, bespectacled young writer whose Legends of Perg series has been translated into several other languages, most recently Chinese (think about the size of that market!) He also writes wonderfully illustrated children’s books. Check out FABISAD and other authors here.

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  1. Is any Turkish science fiction available in English?

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