Adnan Oktar’s Anti-Evolution Showgirls

The sleazy Versace clad Turkish “Islamic” cult leader Adnan Oktar has built a fat-wallet franchise around selling creationism to the idle rich sons and daughters of the urban Turkish elite. I’ve interviewed him and written about him here on this blog. He was in prison for blackmailing female followers with films of them having sex with male acolytes. His slickly produced (and scientifically worthless) creationist tracts are free or very cheap, so attract parents filling school satchels.  Now he has a TV program to sell his creationism snake oil featuring a female creationist ensemble in skin-tight Versace sometimes called the kittens of Adnan Oktar. See a clip from the show here on Dazed Digital. An excerpt from the accompanying article:

This fabulous five consists of Gülşah GüçyetmezCeylan ÖzbudakEbru AltanDamla Pamir and Aylin Kocaman. They are the bewildering accessories of the TV Show Adnan Oktar Chat Time at the religious channel A9. Every night these blazing women come together with the Islamic Creation packmaster Mr. Oktar. They hold discussions about Islam, pseudo-insta-fossils discrediting evolution and their favorite topic: Mr. Oktar…

These five women state they behave following the ethics of Kur’an, where it’s written the ones Allah guides look alike, as a reaction to questions regarding their similar looks. All of these girls have their own individual social media stardoms where they make loud manifestations adding to their media attention…

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  1. Here is some info :


  2. Here is also some info about His ( sorry U.S ) majesty’s :


  3. Forget Oktar, this is who:

  4. By the way Jenny,

    I truely wonder what Pensilvanian Guest of U.S think about creationism 🙂 Is he any different than Oktar ??? And how many of his sneaky ideas are in recent Turkish Education books ??( if only education books ) I personally think that we all should have same distance any of this guys..


  5. Hasan you are a perfect informant. You not only inform Jenny but also protect her from Turkish Muslim evils. Without you, Jenny would be fooled by them and be one of the blind followers of Mr. Oktar or Mr. Gulen.

  6. Anka,

    I personally see no reason to call those guys with ” Turkish Muslim ” words.. Because I respect Turks and Muslims.. I personally am one of them.. But this does not mean I like those guys above..
    Have I mentioned about Jenny’s following or not following those guys ???

  7. One would think that people would see this avid hucksterism for what it is. But the truth is the US is not terribly further ahead. There is a state-of-the-art creationist museum in Kentucky that is subsidized by the state. Most Americans don’t know the age of the Earth to within several orders of magnitude, don’t know that ***all*** life on Earth originates from one common ancestor, and would strongly disagree with the established fact that humans share a recent common ancestor with chimpanzees.

  8. Michael,
    We criticize something when it is done by backward Turks. When the same thing is done by enlightened Europeans and Americans etc., we think there should be something good about it. This is simply called inferiority complex.

  9. We ???

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