What Do The Gülenists Want?

Claire Berlinski has just published a comprehensive and fair analysis of Fehullah Gülen’s Hizmet Movement. What do they believe? What are they doing and why? What does the movement want to achieve — in Turkey, in the United States? (click here)  A brief quote from the article:

…According to researcher Aydin Ozipek, who attended a Gülen school, “the primary objective of the Gülen Movement is to increase its share of power.” That, it seems to me, is the most accurate description of all. The cemaat poses problems not because its members are pious Muslims (that’s probably the most admirable thing about them) but because it’s a power-hungry business that often behaves repulsively—like a mafia, in other words. Gülen does not run “madrassas” in America, as some have suggested; he runs charter schools. He does not “practice taqiya”; he just dissimulates, like any ordinary politician….

(Thanks for the tip, Huseyin.)



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