The Land of No: No Fun, No Devilry

First it was PM Erdogan’s diatribe and court case against the wildly popular TV soap The Magnificent Century, about Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and the women in his family and harem. (I openly admit I am a fan). What’s wrong with it? In addition to the sultan overseeing his political staff and going on military campaigns, the series actually shows him having a good time; worse, it shows women having a good time. They’re all feasting, scrubbing down in the hamam, dancing, and falling in love, albeit within the otherwise narrow strictures of their lives, their many obligations, and their struggles for power. The PM, however, claims that Sultan Suleiman spent all these years on his horse, doing manly things like conquering land (not women). Never got off, not even once. One wonders how the heirs to the dynasty got there. Well, there are a lot of storks over Istanbul…!

The AKP’s next target:

Turkey’s broadcasting regulator RTUK is fining the television channel CNBC-e $30,000 for insulting religious values after it aired an episode of “The Simpsons” which shows the devil asking God to make him coffee. (Click here)

Does anyone else think that the AKP’s lack of a sense of humor is funny?

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  1. Does anyone else think that the AKP’s lack of a sense of humor is funny?
    Yeah, tho if you laugh too hard they won’t have a sense of humor about that either. 301 and all, you know. Funnier when you don’t live here.
    Never got off, not even once.
    Tsk tsk.
    Anyway, here’s a tweet about that:

  2. And here:

  3. AKP guys should be more consistent than just complaining about and suing people …instead, they should just make up their own Muslim-Turkish Simpsons show and see whether anybody will watch some pious Ömer Simson eating and praying and eating and praying

  4. Hah, Rami, this was supposedly done to the Smurfs in dubbing. It’s certainly done to those animal documentaries in translation/voiceover (with ‘evolved’ switched to ‘created’ or ‘designed’). It works, people don’t complain. I can see how the Smurf thing can be pretty funny as well. (People loved what Can Yucel did to Hamlet too.)

  5. This seems to be the offensive bit:
    I remember a Chris de Burgh song with God and Devil playing cards and chess, I wonder how that would fare?

  6. Wouldn’t you know it? Turns out that CdB song, too, was initially banned for blasphemy in South Africa according to Wikipedia:
    I’m sure I heard it in Turkey and that’s where I remember it from, but maybe it was not radio, or not many people knew just what the lyrics were.

  7. […] The Land of No: No Fun, No Devilry […]

  8. By the way ( nothing to do with the topic but ) I wanted to share the link with attendance.. I find it very meaningful ..


  9. Hasan, I beg your pardon but what is so very meaningful about that picture?

  10. It is not news that Tuncay Guney was gathering info on Fethullah Gulen. The picture was on Gulen’s Web site, waiting to be discovered:

  11. I did’t know that the photo was waiting to be discovered. But What was meaningful to me was the current investigations and the its witnesses..

  12. OK, it seems AKP is seriously considering changing the RTUK law to ban the series and anything like it :
    They can do this easily, since broadcast TV is seen as special and is subject to licensure and control anyway (think FCC and their fine for that nipple that got exposed in a Super Bowl half-time show). That does not mean it is OK, of course. Note that there was some talk about imposing RTUK control or something like RTUK on the ‘net too. (Won’t link, google if you wish.)

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