Unity Through Rakı

A 21st-century ode to Turkish unity (actually a clever ad for Yeni Rakı), based on folklore, family feeling and nostalgia, rather than blood (soy) or religion. The video courses through many parts of Turkey, and the end frame says “Whenever we get together, we become big.” Of course, people who abstain from alcohol don’t appear in this tableau of unity, but the ad isn’t aimed at them anyway.

3 Responses to “Unity Through Rakı”

  1. Or vice versa: People who abstain from raki or alcoholic drinks are unified, too, based on their abstention, rather than blood or secularism.

  2. The people in the comerce should be the lucky minority who can efford to buy a bottle of it 🙂

    1 bottle is 51.5 TL at the moment !!

    In Northern Cyprus the same bottle is 18 TL !! 🙂



  3. Generally You’re right, but about this film, İt’s just a ad equivocate.

    “Big” is one of the nickname of Yeni Raki.. 70 cl bottle called “big”.. 35 cl bottle called “little”

    There is so many jokes and t-shirts mantioned “big”.. For example a slogan for Besiktas (football club).. “There is two big in the world. One of Besiktas, other 70 cl Raki”

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