New Reviews of “Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks”

Image from The National

Image from The National, Amir Nabil/AFP

A new review of my book, Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks, just came out in The National (here), written by David Lepeska. I love the accompanying photo, which was taken in Cairo (above.) An excerpt:

…Though likely to disappoint ascendant Arab Islamists, this idea of a personal Muslimhood, free from state oversight, is at the centre of Turkish life today. It’s also the focus of Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks, a deeply insightful book by Jenny White, a professor of social anthropology at Boston University. As a number of nationalist groups battle for Turkey’s soul, White sees the “new Turks” strutting on the world stage, remaking Muslim democracy and finding great pride in their Ottoman past and their ability to consume God and goods as they choose….

And another review here by Eldar Mamedov in Hurriyet Daily News. Excerpt:

…In her book “Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks” White traces the emergence of the “new Turks” – pious Muslims who are at ease with both Islam and globalization. Turkey’s integration into the world economy and the EU-driven reforms that have chipped away at the power of the staunchly secularist military has enabled these “new Turks” to challenge the entrenched Kemalist elites. Yet, despite their outward differences, White shows how both “old” and “new” Turks share a lot of common traits, such as intense nationalism, authoritarianism, scant regard for pluralism, selective approach to individual freedoms and a preferred subordinate role of women. This is a refreshing analysis, since many foreign observers of Turkey tend to romanticize the side they sympathize with…


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  1. Exactly as PLANNED and presented to the public ( moderate islam ) by U.S government.. I am not saying anything against Jenny’s book though.. The middle east and northern Africa has been terminated by U.S foreign policies.. They have destroyed any Lider who was patriotic. Such a shame.. Such a CRİME.. Millions died and dies just because U.S dont like their liders.. But believe me, some day will come and U.S will send Erdaogan to the garbage too. It is a very well known U.S trick ..



  2. who were the patriotic leaders destroyed by the U.S.?

  3. Anka ????

  4. Why don’t you clarify what you write? Who are the patriotic leaders destroyed by the U.S.?

  5. Anka,
    I personally DO not think that you are one of the most reliable name to give my opinions, so please forgive me to not even take you seriously…


  6. I AM NOT asking your full name, address, phone number, or credit card info.

    In your post, you mentioned that the U.S. destroyed all the patriotic leaders. I am just asking who were those patriotic leaders destroyed by the United States?

  7. Most of the leaders in the middle east..

  8. Congratulations Jenny, on the favorable review – and like you, I love the photo too 😉

  9. Anka :

  10. Jenny, you quoted only the flattering part of Mamedov´s review. It is quite critical though. Polite, but critical.

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