Turkish Girls Do Better than Boys in Science

Hannah Fairfield’s article in The New York Times is an eye-opener, showing that 15-year-old students in Eastern and Southern Europe and the Middle East had slightly lower overall scores in science (including reading and mathematical literacy), but girls consistently did better than boys (in Turkey almost 3% better). In fact, girls outperformed boys in most nations in the developed world, but not in the US, where the imbalance in favor of boys is one of the largest. Click here for the report and visuals that include Turkey.

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  1. I gave link to that effect here years ago: http://kamilpasha.com/?p=1313#comment-2720
    The US seems odd in that regard, even when females do excel (and I knew many who were far better than myself or their other male peers in technical fields) many seemed to be Indian/European/Turkish etc. American-born girls just didn’t seem all that interested in such fields. (I’ll link a fun article on this in the next comment.)

  2. “Women in Science” by Philip Greenspun: http://philip.greenspun.com/careers/women-in-science

  3. Don’t post links to Greenspun; kids might get the right idea hehehe

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  6. Let me rub it in: http://www.onlinecolleges.net/2013/01/08/americas-phds-on-food-stamps/

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