Celal Çelik Resignation

I deleted the most recent post because the dates were not current: Çelik resigned in September 2011.

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  1. Jenny as an expert of Turkish politics and society, what would you do in this case if you were Turkish?

    I hate to see that the Turkish justice system was colonized by the ideological groups. YARSAV is one of them and with their ideological stance, their mentality is not different from religious groups who have recently colonized the justice system. I do not trust them whether they are Islamists, Conservatives, Kemalists, Nationalists or Communists.

    In damaging “universal justice”, YARSAV is not different from religious groups colonized the Turkish justice system.

    We believe that a just judge should not be Islamist. But is it okay, if she or he is Kemalist or Marxist?

  2. Anka, Kemalism or Marxsism is not a religion is it ?? ( Even though I am a Muslim ) I personally think religion should be deleted from Politics, Courts or any kind of government offices..

    Simple as that..

  3. Your question with two question marks is very important.

    Kemalism and Marxism could be worse than religions.

    Not only traditional religion but also secular or modern religions or ideologies (Kemalism, Marxism, Maoism etc.) should be deleted from Turkish justice system.

  4. Now I am starting to wonder about what do you really mean When You speak about Kemalism. What is Kemalism for you Anka ? Are you speaking about invented ideologies after Mustafa Kemal’s death or are you directly targeting Mustafa Kemal by using the word “Kemalism” ? Would you be so kind to say it ?

  5. the second link was this one :


    I have typed the same link twice in my last comment. Sorry..

  6. I guess that you have forgotten that YARSAV is just an association.. The current juidical system is led by AKP government.. You might have mistaken the name by HSYK ??
    Which is totally changed in to an AKP organisation 🙂

    YARSAV is only a sybolic assosiation 🙂


    I have no more to say on this subject from now on 🙂

  7. I do not believe any ideology named after any mortal human being. You are free define Kemalism however you like. But, you can impose your Kemalism on others through judicial system.

    I respect Kemalists, Marxists, Maoists, Gulenists etc, but I do not have to follow any of them.

    The Turkish justice system should be inspired by the universal legal principles not by ideologies like Marxism, Kemalism, or Islamism.

  8. I meant “you can NOT impose your Kemalism on others through judicial system.” Sorry for the confusion.

  9. I still did not get the anwer for my question but nevermind. It’s obvious, you haven’t read my comment abot what YARSAV and HSYK is lately 🙂

    I rest my case..

  10. Kemalism does not mean anything to me. I am not a believer of Kemalism as I am not a believer of Marxism, Maoism or Islamism.

    People are free to worship individuals like Kemal,Mao, Marx or Muhammad. But they can not impose their religions on other people through the Turkish judiciary system.

  11. Anka,

    Lets brainstorm : Who are being Jailed for last 5 years ?? Let me tell you ; Kemalists ( with your words ) officers, Students ( just because they were leftists and protesting the fees in university ( remember ? ), writers who has written books about ” Cemaat “, Journalists who were anti AKP, Professors, Lawyers and etc.. We can add mor to the list.. Juidicary system in Turkey formed to any ideas who are anti AKP.. Including Marxists too..

    So, are you telling me that these are done by Kemalists ( with your words ) ???

    I shall have nothing to say to your comments from now on.. I rest my case..

  12. Kemalist have been doing same things for decades since the foundation of the Republic. Now, AKP is doing it. [Please have a look at Jenny White’s new book]

    That is why I am against any ideology imposed on people by the state or the judicial system.

    I am sick of Kemalism, Maoism, Marxism, and Islamism. You can believe in one or two of them. But no one has to impose any of them on people.

  13. ” Kemalist have been doing same things for decades since the foundation of the Republic. Now, AKP is doing it. ”

    Brilliant answer that was !!

  14. ” I am sick of Kemalism, Maoism, Marxism, and Islamism. ”

    Well you sound like a U.S Governmet employee :))

  15. and you sound like an Islamist, a communist, and a Kemalist at the same time. That is why I do not believe in any of those “traditional” and “modern” religions.

  16. 🙂

  17. I do not see any difference between devout Kemalists and Islamists or Communists. Their greed to control everything in the name their ideologies and impose what they believe on others has ruined Turkey.

  18. You have forgotten that YARSAV is just an association, they have no power. Especially under AKP government.

    You might have ment HSYK because they are the ones who has power ! But they are % 100 under control of AKP’s ministry of Justice..

    Supreme court : under control of AKP.
    High court of appeal : under control of AKP.
    Council of state : under control of AKP.
    Court of Auditors : under control of AKP.

    So you criticizing ” Kemalist ” or Leftist justice eh ? 🙂 Are they in power ? 🙂
    And you are talking about universal justice 🙂
    Please re-check your first comment 🙂

    Come on 🙂

  19. By the way in my opinion whats happening in Turkey recently and now reminds me of 1950’s America. But this time the target is not communists, it is Patriots and Patriotism.. Check this : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism

  20. One more thing : ( in my opinion ) Patriots and Patriotism is the ONLY ideology that US Foreign policies are worried of.. And that are against to their future plans…

  21. I am waiting for your BRILLIANT comments ANKA, where are you ?? 🙂

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