Time For An Afternoon Map

19thc Istanbul tram ticket. Image from midafternoonmap.com

19thc Istanbul tram ticket. Image from midafternoonmap.com

I found this image of a 19th century Istanbul tram ticket decorated with a map of the routes on a wonderfully intriguing site exploring eclectic Turkish and Ottoman maps, Afternoon Map. It’s a site that I love to peruse and have just added to my blogroll.

Afternoon Map gives the provenance of each map and discusses its meaning and what is particularly interesting about it. The site is curated by Nicholas Danforth and Chris Gratien as part of a suite of internet projects focused on the Ottoman Empire that presents historical materials and discussion. These projects include (as explained on the site):

Ottoman History Podcast: weekly podcast featuring scholars and researchers working on a range of topics related to Ottoman history
Tozsuz Evrak: a close to the source document blog displaying primary sources and archival materials intended for use by researchers [but also with images and explanations]
Afternoon Map: a cartography blog dedicated to presenting quality maps with a maximum pixel-to-word ratio

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