BÜLENT is Here!!

Image from Bulent

Image from Bulent

There’s a new face around town, an e-journal that aims to fill the sweet spot of desire for fresh, cutting-edge, edgy and real reportage about Turkey. The first issue has hit the e-stands. Get it here.

Here’s what the editors have to say about the journal:

BÜLENT is a quarterly online journal which aims to encourage new ways of thinking about contemporary Turkey.

BÜLENT takes its title from a common Turkish boy’s name. It is the name of Bülent Ecevit, former Prime Minister, poet and translator, and Bülent Ersoy, a much loved transexual singer.

As two of the most iconic Bülents, Ersoy – whose public gender transition coincided with the repressive 1980 military coup  – and Ecevit – who stood at the inception of the Turkish financial crisis when a book was thrown at him across parliament – both present figures which cut across contemporary Turkey’s most interesting tensions. Not least the unpredictable shapes of identity politics, and the brute power of the written word. These two lives offer a basic departure for the journal, which aims, not so much to ‘unveil’ Turkey, as to engage with existing critical debates.

We publish articles, essays, interviews, translations, photos and multimedia works. We are looking for all kinds of collaborators. Please get in touch with us at info@bulentjournal.com

Issue Zero: April 2013

Editors: Isobel Finkel & Thomas Roueché

4 Responses to “BÜLENT is Here!!”

  1. Rest in peace, İlhan Mimaroğlu –

  2. who stood at the inception of the Turkish financial crisis when a book was thrown at him across parliament
    False as stated, but who cares? Getting called “real reportage” is independent of reality as it exists, as I have learned here. I figured there was a reason for your hawking this thing here, and there was. You have a piece in it. I have read it, found it funny, and I have no quarrel with it. That powers that be regard social scientists as tools, and that many of your respected people play along is well-known here and elsewhere. What amused me further is that you see this as a Turkish thing and do so as someone who’s raved about the great things a meeting you attended accomplished in the way of teaching Afghans how to be better Muslims which, incidentally, appears to entail doing things that fit the way that war’s marketed. As I said, this phenomenon is well-known. (Not that hard scientists and engineers are fully clean, mind you. While their work isn’t directly political, it does produce, and, is in part funded by states to produce, weaponry. You tell ’em what their religion really is, we produce the drones to kill those who disagree.)

  3. I love it, thank you very much!

  4. This is my reply to Jenny’s article at Bulent in this comment.

    The saying you mention, “Turks have no other friends besides Turks,” is just a nationalist rehashing and further narrowing of Koran Chapter 3, Surah 118: “O ye who believe! Take not for intimates others than your own folk.”

    It is also funny that that Turkish ultra-nationalist scholar, politician and university founder, Dalan came out with it: “I bet we don’t know ourselves as well as they know us.” I remember reading a little of the freely available material from the book of Omer Asan’s that was on the web. In it there is a preface by a gavur foreigner who was the first in Turkey to study the Pontian Greek spoken there by local muslims. Omer Asan was the first Mahometan “Turk” to study or take any serious interest in publishing on the language. When he went to Turkish universities they knew nothing! Infact instead of being thanked for the research he was persecuted and called a traitor. So he is quite right, the foreigners probably do know more! Turks care more about group-think than searching for the truth.

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