What Next For The PKK?

Sebahat Tuncel has written an overview of the current state of the process of rapprochement between the Turkish government and the PKK (here) and the position taken by various groups, parties, and actors vis-a-vis this process. This is an important process for Turkey and for the region, but is fraught with the possibilities for wrong steps and failure. To help the process along, Tuncel suggests that international powers that, she writes, have meddled in these affairs before, should now step up to the plate and help solve them:

For Turkey to manage this process by itself, for there to be no yielding to internal factions who oppose a democratic peaceful resolution, international powers also have a part to play in terms of duties and responsibilities, especially the United States and the European Union. It would be a contribution to the process of peaceful resolution in Turkey if the United States and members of the European Union were to review their “terrorist organizations” list and remove from it the PKK, which has taken strategic steps to transition from armed struggle to democratic struggle in response to the call by the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.


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  1. simple as below :

  2. Press TV is an Iranian TV station. Iran is very angry that Turkish authorities do not cooperate with Iran and Iraq on this matter. The same Iranian state has recruited PKK fighters as spies against Turkey:

  3. Anka,
    Maybe we should NOT focus on TV chanel but WHAT the PEOPLE are talking.. Especially ACADEMICS !!
    What do you say 🙂

  4. By the way ANKA ,
    when was the sources taken ??

  5. Iran pushes PKK not to pull its forces from Turkish territories. Iran also offers military aid to PKK:


    P.S. Press TV is Iran’s English language propaganda tool.

  6. Anka,
    Tell me what do you think about Prof. Tarpley’s talkings .. Dont tell me about Iran’s tv channel..

  7. By the way you seem to forget U.S help to pkk with weapons 🙂



    these are only 1 min search on internet.. I am sure I could find many many more..

    I wonder what will you say now.. 🙂

  8. Mc 2 comments are waiting to be moderated İ guess..

  9. So, it is clear that Iran, Israel, and the US all at some point supported or still support PKK. That means they are all bad.

    Then why do you use one of those state’s (Iran’s) English language propaganda tool just because it is anti-Erdogan?

    Are you a loyal citizen of Iran? Or you are a citizen of Turkey who hate Erdogan so much to prefer mullahs of Iran who support PKK?

  10. I said nothing abaout Iran Anka 🙂 It is your own words. I DO NOT support Iran at all.. Then guess what ?? You are the one in the middle 🙂 I suggested you to listen what Prof. Tarpley said thats all ( he is NOT IRANIAN ) .. By the way Erdogan ( in my opinion ) is Israel or US..

    I rest my case………..

  11. By the way I am tuelly a TURKISH citizen.. ( which Erdogan hates this kind of identification.. 🙂

  12. This is very funny. In the past secular Kemalist modern Turkish people used to call Erdogan a mullah. Now they rely on a TV station owned by the same Iranian mullahs to criticize Erdogan.

    You claim that Erdogan is Israel and US. What about modern secular Kemalist Turkish people? Are they Iran, Syria and Russia?

  13. Anka,
    Dont mix the subjects. Are you going to tell your opinions about prof. Tarpley or not ? Stop playing with words 🙂 Kemalist and etc :). Be straight and tell your opinion 🙂

  14. Your professor blames CIA for using PKK against Iran. But he does not say anything about Iran using PKK against Turkey.

    You applaud your professor for saying Turkey wants to be a regional hegemon. Iran wants to be a regional hegemon too and that is why Iran offered help to PKK. Your professor does not say anything about that.

    You say you are Turkish citizen but you rely on the English propaganda channel of Iran that wants yo use PKK against Turkey (your country). You like a professor who does not know or say anything about Iran’s games against Turkey (your country).

  15. Please send this link to your professor who does not know Iran wants to use PKK against Turkey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhzdStUZ9Sc

  16. Anka,
    I guess you have NOT noticed the links I gave above about U.S helping PKK with wweapons and etc..
    You seem to be JUST defending AKP.. And you sound to be a militan of AKP.. I have nothing to say you by now….Byeeee 🙂

  17. You do not have to support or hate AKP. There is a fact here. Your professor appears on the English propaganda channel of Iran. He mentions Israeli and U.S. support to PKK. That is good. But for some reason, your professor ignores the fact that Iran supports PKK too.

    I do not support AKP. I do not support mullahs of Iran against AKP either.

    Please send following link to your professor too: http://siyaset.milliyet.com.tr/iran-dan-kandil-e-cekilmeyin-baskisi/siyaset/siyasetyazardetay/29.04.2013/1699964/default.htm

  18. … In November 2012, a PEN International delegation vstiied Ankara to express concern about the alarming rise in prosecutions of writers and journalists in the last two years, noting that more than 70 writers and journalists are currently in prison, and at least 60 other writers, publishers, and journalists are on trial—ensnared in legal processes that can last years. While government officials, including Turkish President Abdullah Gfcl, acknowledged that the spike in trials of writers is casting a shadow over more positive trends in democratization and economic development in Turkey, prosecutions continue and new cases are being opened all the time—including one against seven Board Members and the webmaster of PEN Turkey, who could face charges under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, which prohibits insults to the Turkish Republic, Turkish ethnicity, and Turkish governmental institutions.

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