Turkish Births 2012: By the Numbers

The Turkish Statistical Institute has published its newest 2012 data on births. Women are giving birth later, the fertility rate has risen to just below the rate required for replacement of the existing population, and women in parts of Turkey’s impoverished largely Kurdish east are giving birth to twice as many children as those in the developed western part of the country.

The highlights:

Fertility rate (average number of live births) increased from 2.02 in 2011 to 2.08 (the level needed to replace the existing population is 2.10).

The fertility rate is skewed by region, with a higher rate in the east/southeast. The highest rate was in Şanlıurfa (4.39 children), and the lowest in Kırklareli (1.43)

Women are giving birth later. Highest fertility went from age 20-24 in 2011 to the 25-29 age group.

While births to women under 25 decreased, the highest rate of increase was for women aged 30-34.



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