Several people have mentioned the film Ekumenopolis to me as being an important, powerful film that demonstrates the environmental and urban planning issues that drive the Gezi protesters, but also another part of the population — poor people standing up against land speculators, which now include the state through TOKI, Turkey’s Housing Development Administration, which has now become a main profit maker in the vast projects that are reshaping Turkey. There is a clip from the film here, which I recommend you watch. Prescient, yes, but also gives some insight into parts of the population besides young middle-class urbanites who have reason to be very unhappy with AKP’s policies.

Update: Here is the full film on Youtube.

[Thanks, Emre]

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  1. You can watch it whole on youtube with english subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maEcPKBXV0M

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