What Does Militant Masculinity and Intolerance Look Like? Watch This Video

Yesterday evening, people gathered in Kocamustafapasa (Fatih, Istanbul) in a forum  to honor the memory of Ali Ismail Korkmaz, the youth who was beaten to death (see previous post) during a demonstration in Eskisehir by unknown men wielding clubs. There have been increasing reports of bands of such men, chanting religious phrases or military march lyrics, attacking demonstrators and beating them.  After the forum in which Kocamustafa Solidarity commemorated Korkmaz, participants lit candles and began to move down the street. Suddenly they were attacked by stick-wielding men chanting march lyrics. This time, someone caught it on video. I’m always talking about “militant masculinity” and intolerance in Turkish society. These are quite abstract terms, but the video makes them real.

At the beginning people are calling out for calm (“Sakin ol”). The guy in the red striped tunic apparently is a neighborhood guy; he and the others with sticks shout towards the end, “You can’t march on this street.” “What are you doing here. Go to Taksim.”

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  1. Isn’t throwing Molotov Cocktails a part of militant masculinity too?
    Why does holding a stick make you a part of thugs and holding Molotov cocktails a part of good protesters?
    The symbols are amazing:) Look at Jenny’s posts. She uses the term “thugs” for one group only:)

  2. another interesting ironic fact both groups supposedly HATE America and blame each other for being pro-American.
    And American enlightened intellectuals choose between the two haters of America:)

  3. If you read my other publications, you’d see that I don’t differentiate. I think this is an aspect of Turkish masculine culture across the board. And I do think the people in the video are thugs.

  4. Differentiation of thugs targeting unarmed civilian demonstrators and others throwing Molotov cocktails on to armed and/or armored police assets is warranted. No need to give in to cheap demagoguery.

  5. Turks generally don’t have the attitude as we say in America: “live and let live.” The Kemalist fascists who are against the Islamist rooted AKP regime and make lies and propaganda about the democratic prospects of Gezi, pretend to be democrats but when they controlled the state and deep state they were happy with imposing and dictating to the more Islamic oriented majority. Only now that the power brokers are islamic oriented do they suddenly discover democratic scruples. If the cops were instead beating and killing Kurds in the Southeast, they would be elated and bragging about the police they have in Turkey.

    I remember you blogging in the past Jenny about how landlords in Turkey and neighbors put neighborhood pressure on a single, Turkish woman and called her a whore for divorcing. That is what the Turkish society is about: enforced conformity and the fake secular Turks posing as democrats are no different.

  6. Anka, you are a hopeless idiot.

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