The Media Toll

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According to the Turkish Journalists Association, since the Gezi protests began on May 27, 22 journalists have been fired, 14 put on forced leave, and 37 resigned.

According to a CHP study, 64 journalists are under arrest and another 123 are facing trial on charges of terrorism.

Yavuz Baydar, a veteran journalist who served as ombudsman for Sabah newspaper was fired after two of his columns were rejected and he wrote an OpEd piece for the New York Times (see here for link and a discussion) pointing out the financial links between the government and media bosses that make journalism increasingly impossible in Turkey.

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  1. From The New York Times in English – In Turkey Media Bosses Are Undermining Democracy; and in Turkish –

    Türkiye’de Medya Patronları Demokrasinin Altını Oyuyorlar

  2. Was I the only one who at first read the title of this post as Media Troll? 🙂

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