Erdogan Tweets!

In spite of calling Twitter one of the greatest menaces to society, it seems that PM Erdogan and President Gul partake liberally of that evil themselves (even if it’s ghost-tweeted, it’s officially in their names). Erdogan’s Twitter account is one of the 5 most followed in the world and consists primarily of statements about¬†Turkish politics, criticism of opposition parties, and topics like Syria. (The account didn’t mention his statements about Twitter being a menace to society.)¬†His Twitter feed often includes videos speeches and pictures of visits, but rarely uses links.

He doesn’t interact with other users and the account doesn’t follow anyone, making him one of the least connected world leaders. See the new Twiplomacy report for a breakdown and analytics of Gul’s and Erdogan’s accounts, and detailed comparisons to Twitter use by other world leaders, including a list of who they follow and who follows them unilaterally. The chart below is from the report.


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  1. And he is also selected the Internet Villain of the Year by ISPA (click here).

  2. I do believe you’re confusing having a count in his name with being the person who types the messages.

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