Advocating for The High Road in Washington

Photo from Hurriyet

Photo from Hurriyet

Now that I’m tweeting, Facebooking, and in general traveling about like a dervish, I want to make sure I don’t neglect my blog! There are a number of interesting things happening, which I’ll pontificate about shortly, but for now, let me just announce, for anyone interested, that on Wednesday I testified before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Turkey and Gezi. A list of participants, the video of the full live proceedings and a download of my (longer) written testimony can be had here.

Hurriyet did a news piece on it, picking out one small statement (“The US should do something”) as its header. The web commenters predictably saw this as US interference. Well, we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, so I think we should take the high road.

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  1. I know you had limits, but I do think you were very short on context, though granted the pace of change for the worse is accelerating daily! As for the GDP, well, yes, 46% rise in 10 years is quite good (if not the 300% the ministers who slept through Macro 101 claim) but … current accounts, amount of growth that’s now being propped up by government expenditures, corruption up and down TOKI (the source of much of that growth), increasing inflation, business climate recently defined by the Koc investigations and the sweep of records from banks as part of a witch hunt for “foreign money behind the protests.” Foreign policy that gets more shrill as Ankara’s position gets more marginal.

    But aside from that, as Mrs Lincoln said…

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