The Moral Physics of Gezi Eggs And AKP Fruit

In a piece for BBC Turkce, journalist Sinan Onus went to Ankara’s Akdere neighborhood, a stronghold of AKP votes, and asked its Anatolian migrant residents what they thought of the corruption charges against AKP ministers and whether their attitude towards the party had changed. The answers were mixed, but one grocer’s metaphor struck me. He said, well, it’s a big party, so it’s not surprising that there will be some “waste”. “When you shop at the market often you’ll find in a couple of kilos of fruit a few rotten ones.”

Hmmm. Compare that to the small tradesman in Istanbul who said this about the harsh treatment of the Gezi protesters: “If you have fifty eggs and you find that several are rotten, what are you supposed to do with the rest? You smash them too.” His view was that the protesters were hooligans who caused damage. This was his response when I suggested that the people causing damage were only a small number compared to the other peaceful protesters on the street. 

A different set of standards for AKP and Gezi behavior?

3 Responses to “The Moral Physics of Gezi Eggs And AKP Fruit”

  1. Well, of course there are! How could you possibly have assumed otherwise. What’s more interesting is how clearly the comments encourage Tayyip’s dark fascistic rhetoric. You thought the old tutelage was bad? You’ll certainly have material enough for your next three books on Women’s Rights in the New Liberal AKP Turkey.

    Meet the New Turks, same as the Old Turks. Sure we’ll get fooled again.

  2. Nice analogy with rotten fruits and rotten eggs. Here’s another one! If the farmer or the chicken (Erdogan in both examples) is rotten to begin with what do you expect from the products. Let’s not forget in 1998 Erdogan’s son Ahmet at age 19 while driving in Istanbul hit singer Tanyurek who was in a pedestrian walkway. She later died in the hospital. Ahmet went to England to “learn English” and while in England he was found not guilty by those who reportedly got nice government jobs later. Erdogan was just a mayor at the time, imagine his power now.

  3. When Erdogan first became the PM he supposedly even owed his son a few hundred thousand dollars. Yet within a few years he gained nearly a million dollars by supposedly selling his shares in a cookie company, Ulker. And in a few more years his son got a $5M ship (now supposedly has 5-6 ships); Erdogan and family got many mansions at prime locations in Istanbul. I guess PM gets unbelievable salary in Turkey which enabled Erdogan to have 8 Swiss accounts as was disclosed in Wikileaks!! But of course it must all have been another US and Jewish conspiracy!! Blaming US or Jews is typical Islamist mentality, unfortunately it may even help with getting votes from the masses.

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