Dog Fight

The present political situation in Turkey reminds me of a vicious, no-holds-barred dog fight, teeth and claws aiming for the opponent’s most vulnerable spots (ministers’ sons arrested for corruption, shoeboxes full of millions of dollars found stashed under a bed; the arresters are themselves arrested or removed from office; AKP ministers forced to resign, one claiming on TV that since PM Erdogan approved all this, he should resign too; theories thrown out by AKP and its media that the Gulen Movement is behind this, followed by Erdogan and Gulen taking their gloves off and cursing each other; other theories that evil ‘foreigners’ are behind it; Erdogan calling criticism of him “treason”….) I won’t repeat the details of current events as the news has been full of them.  I do, however, recommend an OpEd by Andrew Finkel here.

Oh and let me not forget to list the offensive billboards put up by the Islamist right (in this case, Erbakan’s otherwise unsuccessful crew) that show a leering Santa with a Semitic nose and the caption that “Christmas is a coup to overthrow our Muslimhood” and another showing a bearded Islamist punching Santa in the nose. They also held a demonstration where they “circumcised” a Santa.

Many familiar tropes, phrases, and accusations that I’m sure many people had hoped that Turkey had left in the past. It’s a haunting — nasty ghosts of regimes and eras past rising to scare the willies out of the present.




4 Responses to “Dog Fight”

  1. why the need to blame it all on ghosts of old regimes and the past. Are these not men, free agents capable of choice. If they were acting on their own intent when they were (at least pretending to be) democrats, have they been telekinetically captured by the past?

    Please Give credit where ’tis due or please offer a theory of the Erdoganist mind.

  2. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. (You might want to take a look at my book, Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks).

  3. Andrew Finkel should know very well. I believe he used to be a columnist for Today’s Zaman, the English version of the Islamist newspaper Zaman owned by the Fethullah Gulen crowd. A newspaper that in the past probably served nicely for Erdogan’s Islamist government. If I remember correctly Finkel got fired for an article he wrote (or was going to write) that was critical of freedom of press and AKP’s understanding of “democracy” At least Finkel is lucky that he is not Turkish and did not have to spend time in prison like many Turkish journalists who dared to be critical of PM Erdogan or the AKP government

  4. Again what’s happening with Santa is a typical Islamist hypocrisy and ignorance. While the head of Islamic Organization OIC, Ihsanoglu, is busy writing a book on Islamophobia in his country Islamist youth are abusing people in ancient figure Santa Claus in many ways and not getting punished. Yet here in US around Xmas there have been many discussions on TV about the origin of Santa Claus being in Turkey. If they only knew how he would be treated today by the ignorant Islamists!

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