Rats in the Corn Silo

Events are coming down the pike, fast and furious, hot and heavy. (I’ll start the new year with overblown prose.) Erdogan has made accusations that a cabal within the state (a new ‘deep state’) is trying to bring down his government in a coup attempt. Foreign powers are behind this. (Any of this sound familiar?) Gezi was one such coup attempt, the corruption arrests of family members of AKP elites is another.

The blowback is interesting: AKP’s criticism of prosecutors and police in the corruption case and PM Erdogan’s accusations that a foreign-led coup-cabal has nested itself inside state institutions has given the Turkish military an opening and on December 27, it filed a complaint, asking the state prosecutor to investigate the trials of hundreds of officers who had been convicted under the Ergenekon and related ‘coup’ trials. The military argues that the convictions were based on fabricated evidence and accused security officials, judges and prosecutors of ignoring and manipulating material that might have cleared the defendants.

The a la Turka twist is that this path appears to have been paved by the AKP which now finds itself in need of a powerful protector. So it is doing deep discourse voodoo to raise the military back to life (under it’s control, it hopes). On December 24, an advisor to PM Erdogan, Yalcin Akdogan, wrote in the pro-AKP newspaper Star that the country’s military, like the government, may have fallen to a plot. Yes, the plotters have been plotted against. Like many political statements, this is half truth, half mythical creature. I have no doubt that the army was plotting against the AKP. I also have no doubt, having seen and read about the evidence submitted, that some or much of it was fabricated and manipulated. But is the Gulen movement (and its American backers) the ‘new’ ‘deep state’ plotting against BOTH the military and the government? If I twist my neck that far to follow the logic, it might snap. The gist of the AKP message is that “It wasn’t me, Mr. Military, who put you in prison. It was those rats in the corn silo. We’re your friends. The rats are after us too. Help us!”

If I tried to write a novel with such hair-raising plot twists, it would either be a total flop because it’s so beyond belief or a movie hit along the lines of “The Mummy Returns”.

2 Responses to “Rats in the Corn Silo”

  1. Thing is, the judiciary has no one to defend it. Arinc has said there will be no retrials. Cicek has noted the passing of an independent judiciary and not called for a stop to it. Gul (a.k.a. Chance the Gardener) has walked back his earlier koans today wioth one conciliatory toward the PM’s position. Erdogan is meeting with the inner circle of his war cabinet, The reversals ordered by the courts and council of state are not being enforced. The IHH (Islamist Health and Howitzers) is delivering weapons to Syria under MiT protection and anyone foolish enough to get in the way is summarily sacked.

    But at least it’s the democracy the progressives in the west have been praising Tayyip for bringing to Turkey, no longer the Kemalist autocracy, right?


  2. Don’t be surprised about what going on. As I always say these primitive mentalities united against the military and the established secularism with a simple approach “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” Now they are back to the usual Islamist mentality going way back to Arabic tribal years known for the Bedouin saying “I against my brother, my brothers and I against my cousins, my cousins and I against strangers.”

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