Turkey’s Face of Courage

One of Turkey’s most courageous and remarkable people, Member of Parliament Safak Pavey speaks in this video about her accident and her life, as well as her observations about life for the disabled in Turkey and elsewhere. She is addressing surgeons at Johns Hopkins University as the 2014 MacFarland Lecturer. A moving and inspiring talk, masterful in its presentation. You can’t turn away. You shouldn’t turn away. Listen to her here. (http://vimeo.com/83889418)

3 Responses to “Turkey’s Face of Courage”

  1. Safak Pavey would have been an excellent representative for Turkey as a Minister of EU Affairs instead of that ignorant comedic Egemen Bagis. But then again she would not stand a chance in the ignorant AKP environment as Erdogan said years ago “women have the right to elect but never the right to be elected”

  2. Well, it’s certainly nice to see tha CHP are allwed to be honorable people too, not simply the horrid elitist, racist, nationalists who exist only to be the cause of, and the excuse for, anything undemocratic that Erdogan does, which seems to be the case for most of the American academic so-called left and its Turkish darlings.

  3. Let us praise Ms Pavey for things she would have done had her been parachuted to another post just like the one she already has been.
    IOW, let’s all join in pity-worship of Ms Pavey.

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