Local Elections 2014 Roundup

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Here is a study of why voters voted as they did. Corruption allegations and leaked tapes had little effect. AKP voters chose AKP mainly because of the leader Erdogan and because of the services AKP provides.

Overall vote count: AKP 44% – CHP 26%, MHP 18%, BDP 5%. See T24’s interesting comparison chart of results for all parties in last three local elections.

Some races were close: Ankara AKP/CHP (this may end up in court); Kastamonu AKP/MHP; Yalova AKP/CHP — After a recount, CHP won by five votes. AKP took Antalya from CHP by 2%. Pro-Kurdish BDP made big gains in east, taking Bitlis and Mardin from AKP. In Agri, AKP won by 0.2%. Some recounts are ongoing.

Three female metropolitan mayors elected:
Fatma Sahin, Gaziantep, AKP
Gultan Kisanak, Diyarbakir, BDP
Ozlem Cercioglu, Aydin, CHP

What next? PM Erdogan: “Tomorrow there may be those who have to flee. But we will go into their caves. They will pay the price.”

PM Erdogan vows retaliation against critics, corruption accusers, releasers of recordings of secret conversations making his government look bad, and the Gulen Movement in general.

Twitter, Facebook and opposition news outlets (Taraf, Zaman etc) and other websites were blocked or hacked for days or longer, allowing the government almost full control of election propaganda and news.

But citizens took responsibility for their ballots, organizing poll monitors, using the Gezi communication networks to alert people to poll irregularities as they happened and send observers. There were 289 citizen reports of voting fraud and irregularities. Electricity was cut in central districts as votes were counted.

And people voted for AKP for a variety of reasons: desiring a continuation of economic stability was one of the top motives. Many voters didn’t trust CHP to deliver that.

Next are presidential elections in August and general elections next year. PM Erdogan is expected to either run for president, if he can somehow make the position a more powerful one, or change his party’s rules so he can stand for PM  for a fourth term.

3 Responses to “Local Elections 2014 Roundup”

  1. You say that the continuation of economic stability was one of the top motives why people voted for AKP. Are there reliable polls from central Anatolia that backs this up? Regards.

  2. “Economic stability.” A myth to replace the myth of the Turkish longing for democracy, I suppose.

    No, Özgür, no evidence, of course, but it’s nicer than saying that the romanticized Black turks have turned out to be authoritarian, vbengeful, anti-democratic, and want their own chance to raid the state’s coffers and settle old grudges.

    So we say “economic stability” for as long as that narrative will run.

  3. Jenny, is the Hürriyet Daily News really a reliable source? I thought it was part of a news conglomerate that is controlled by the AKP, no?

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