Islamic State Member Threatens Istanbul

In this incredibly disturbing video (and accompanying article in Hurriyet Daily News) a reporter embedded with Islamic State documents their propaganda/brainwashing activities, aimed at young boys. One IS member threatens on camera that if the apostate Turkish government doesn’t turn the Euphrates water back on, which Turkey has blocked with its dam, IS will come to Istanbul and turn it on from there. He is quite explicit that this is a threat. Hello, Ankara?

Surprise, surprise, the article and video do not appear in the Turkish edition of Hurriyet. Instead, the newspaper is a ragbag of half-clothed women, sexy stories, car accidents, and crime. There’s a photo of some “volunteer Peshmerga” Kurds ready to fight ISIL (not IS — the announcement of the self-styled expansionist ‘caliphate’ seems not to have penetrated the Turkish imagination). And that’s all the news from Iraq and Syria, the festering war of unspeakable brutality, misogyny and genocide that respects no national entity, including the Turkish government. IS is a virus infecting all the neighboring countries and destroying whatever culture and history it touches. Given Turkey’s love-affair with its own national identity and past, it seems beyond belief that it is not inoculating itself and its citizens against this imminent threat.


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  1. I am looking forward to seeing which side your Gezi heroes will take when the IS arrives in Istanbul. I am betting they will, as will you, side with the IS out of their (and your) desperation to destabilize the country (TR) and get rid of RTE.

  2. Huh?

  3. I share your alarm and noticed the same absence in Hurriyet. Milliyet is usually even worse when it comes to skin and car crashes, but the story did turn up there:

  4. I’m more disturbed by the number of Turks working with IS or its affiliates. Was it Guven Sak who recently wrote of a ride with a taxi driver/part-time terrorist in Gaziantep?

    The polite fiction is that AKP can’t say anything because its Erbil delegation are extended-stay guests of IS; but I’m not at all sure he was at all concerned with them until that bit of rudeness.

  5. Mosul, of course; I shouldn’t type when sleeping.

  6. What is so wrong with “Turks working with IS or its affiliates”?
    Aren’t those individuals free to decide on what they want to do with their lives?

  7. Thanks Prof White for highlighting the gravity of the IS situation for Turkey. I hope that those in power take heed before it’s too late.

  8. I really wonder whether Prof White is aware of “the gravity of the IS situation” or if she is conveniently avoiding a deeper look.

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