Analysis and Summary: Turkey at a Tipping Point

I want to share with you an article I just published in Current History. The December 2014 edition of Current History has a collection of articles on the Middle East by prominent scholars that give excellent analyses and updates for different countries in the region.

Here’s my take on Turkey:

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3 Responses to “Analysis and Summary: Turkey at a Tipping Point”

  1. This is a curious sentence, Professor:

    “Kemalism has been largely dethroned, but the levers of power it developed remain in place. In the absence of Kemalist symbolism, AKP rule has taken on an Ottoman and Sunni Muslim veneer.”

    It sounds as if the pious and Neo-Ottoman is something of an accident — “Oh, dear, we need something for that spot on the mantel where the bust was!” — rather than part of the plan, and that the actual implementation we’re now witnessing is a a surprise development.

    I suppose it may be new to you, but it isn’t to those people who’d read your earlier work and shook their heads. they were unfashionable, to be sure, but they seem vindicated.

  2. Also:

    “The Gezi events occurred around the same time
    that enormous crowds filled Cairo streets to show
    their approval of the Egyptian army’s coup against
    President Mohamed Morsi. Erdog ̆ an, who felt a
    kinship with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi,
    clearly viewed the Gezi protests in light of the
    events in Egypt,”

    That is true if we want to say that Tayyip saw the Gezi Protests that began in late May through the lens of the Egyptian protests that began at the end of June. But you know well enough that anything in Turkey can always be blamed on “the CIA and Coca Cola.”

  3. What really IS this organization Tahşiye that Zaman says is a supporter of AQ and Erdogan says is not guilty as charged but persecuted?

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