Liberals Critical of Stalled Reforms

For the New York Times article, click here. Excerpts:

…Liberal columnists and intellectuals have begun criticizing [Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan for what they say is a shift away from his reformist ways toward a more nationalist line, closer to Turkey’s powerful military…

Mr. Erdogan has not had it easy. For almost two years his Islamic-inspired party, Justice and Development, or AKP, has been tossed from one political crisis to another as Turkey’s entrenched secular establishment has fought it over power.

After his party narrowly missed being abolished in the summer, many liberals believe that Mr. Erdogan struck a compromise with the military — a powerful institution that has pressed elected governments from behind the scenes for decades — making the calculation that to stay in power meant dropping reforms

Plans for rewriting the Constitution — a central requirement— were shelved this spring after a court struck down Parliament’s repeal of a headscarf ban in universities…

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