Turkey Adrift

The world’s leading media organizations, including Newsweek, the Economist, and Reuters, have been publishing articles in which they criticize Erdogan for losing his reform enthusiasm.

“Mr Erdogan appears increasingly autocratic and out of touch. And because he lacks any credible political opponents, either within or beyond the AKP, this is making Turkey look stagnant and adrift—and further away from EU membership than ever,” the Economist wrote in an article in this week’s issue. (Click here for the rest of the summary article about foreign press reports. Click here for the Economist article.)

UPDATE: A poll shows that the Turkish public is aware of and disturbed by a change in Erdogan’s style and substance. The public would like him to get back to the reform process. However, the poll also shows that the public is not in favor of some reforms having to do with Kurds and Alevis. (click here)

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  1. Surely, hypocrisy and propaganda by the mainstream press are nothing new in politics here or abroad, but it is nonetheless interesting to see how someone is called an autocrat not when he’s appointing MPs but when he stops doing the things people who own printing presses want him to do.

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